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American Red Cross Among Nation’s Most Beloved Institutions—And For Good Reason

GL Homes partners with American Red Cross.

(From left) GL Homes President Misha Ezratti, American Red Cross South Florida Region Chief Development Officer Tzaicel Hernandez, GL Homes Senior Director of Community Relations Sarah Alsofrom

Photo credit: Tracey Benson Photography

Whenever and wherever disaster strikes — no matter how big or how small — they’re immediately on the scene rendering aid and providing support. This dedication and dependability are why the American Red Cross is one of the nation’s most beloved institutions — a nonprofit organization committed to service dating back to its 1881 founding by Clara Barton and several of her like-minded humanitarians.
GL Homes and the Red Cross have been linked in a variety of meaningful ways, including:

October 2019: GL Homes served meals to Hurricane Dorian refugees. 

August 2021: American Red Cross recognized GL Homes with the Inaugural Community Ambassador Award.

April 2022: GL Homes and its employees donated $130,000 to the International Red Cross in support of humanitarian relief efforts in Ukraine.

November 2022: GL Homes donated $100,000 for hurricane relief efforts to help victims of Hurricanes Ian and Nicole.

November 2022: American Red Cross honored GL Homes with its Hope Around the World Award.