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Career City Captures Students’ Imaginations

GL Homes inspires young minds at Dillard Elementary School.

Sil Rivera with Dillard Elementary School students

Photo Credit: Downtown Photo

Dillard Elementary School students were bursting with excitement as Ranger Good Works hosted its annual Career City at the Fort Lauderdale school.
Professionals from all industries including six key leaders from GL Homes spoke with the students about education, hard work, the homebuilding industry and their jobs at the company.
Thank you to Lucas Cuartas, Misha Ezratti, Howard Langshaw, Nicole Marshall, Julian Morrison and Sil Rivera from GL Homes for volunteering their time with these deserving students.
Igniting curiosity in children can open their eyes to a world of possibilities and a bright future.
Ranger Good Works empowers under-resourced local school communities in South Florida through program and operational support, volunteerism and fundraising initiatives.