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Influential and Inspiring Leaders Earn Top Spots

By January 1, 2022July 27th, 2022Awards and Recognition
GL Homes is featured in The Naples and The Palm Beach 100 business leaders editions

Profiled in The Naples 100, an annual list of Collier County’s most influential business leaders, is GL Homes Florida West Coast Division President Patty Campbell. The 100 leaders honored in the 2022 edition of The Naples 100 are successful in their professions and inspire those around them. They volunteer their time, resources and expertise to enhance the quality of life in Naples.
Profiled in its sister publication, The Palm Beach 100, is GL Homes Senior Director of Community Relations Sarah Alsofrom. The Palm Beach 100 spotlights the 100 most influential and inspiring business leaders in Palm Beach County in 2022. These honorees work together to influence Palm Beach County for the better.

Sarah Alsofrom is profiled in The Palm Beach 100 list of most Influential business leaders