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Legal Aid Society Celebrates 75 Years

By May 6, 2024May 28th, 2024In the News
GL Homes celebrates Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County's 75 years.

GL Homes President Misha Ezratti, Legal Aid Society Executive Director Bob Bertisch and GL Homes Community Relations VP Sarah Alsofrom at Lotus Palm in Boca Raton.

Photo credit: Tracey Benson Photography

Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County celebrates its 75th anniversary with a Justice for All fundraiser in West Palm Beach. Attendees — local lawyers and esteemed community leaders — celebrated the nonprofit’s mission to pursue equal justice for the most vulnerable people.
Many supporters including GL Homes help the Legal Aid Society serve more than 8,000 disadvantaged residents with no-cost legal assistance, education and outreach programs.
Since 2017, GL Homes has taken a group of developmentally disabled adults to various activities (bowling, golfing, swimming, pickleball, museums) to promote their socialization skills  and introduce them to experiences they’ve never had before.  These young adults were in foster care and have aged out of the system.  Now, Legal Aid Society is their guardian through the nonprofit’s Guardian Advocacy Project; without this program, most likely, these adults would be homeless.
Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County provides high-quality civil legal advice, representation, and education to the disadvantaged in order to protect their personal safety, enhance their opportunities and living conditions, and promote self-sufficiency.