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Palm Beach Post Notables – Homeless Coalition of Palm Beach County

By March 17, 2017November 8th, 2021In the News
GL Homes at Lewis Center Luncheon

(Left to right) Marilyn Munoz, Misha Ezratti, Sarah Alsofrom, Rob Torrington and Sally Chester


Lewis Center Luncheon paves the way home with support from GL Homes.

GL Homes is proud to support the Lewis Center and the Homeless Coalition in their efforts to address homelessness in Palm Beach County. GL was a sponsor of the 6th annual Lewis Center Luncheon in West Palm Beach.

The event will honor this year’s honorees: Community Partner of the Year: Bank of America, Walk the Walk Champion of the Homeless Award: Chef John Carlino, Senator Philip D. Lewis Public Service Award: Priscilla Taylor, Provider of the Year: Chris Bentley.