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ATHENA Award: History in the Making

By September 30, 2022May 30th, 2023Awards and Recognition, In the News
GL Homes made history when the company received the ATHENA Award

(Left to right) GL Homes celebrates its historic achievement with Maria Menendez, Taylor Ashley, Jill DiDonna, Sarah Alsofrom, Amanda Cunningham, Azlina Goldstein and Kara Babcock.

Photo credit: Capehart

GL Homes made history when the company received the ATHENA Award in the Organizational Leadership category. The Chamber of Commerce of the Palm Beaches hosted the ATHENA Awards luncheon in West Palm Beach with over 400 South Florida community and business leaders present.
Through GL Homes Senior Director of Community Relations Sarah Alsofrom, who received the ATHENA Young Professional Leadership Award (2010) and the ATHENA Leadership Award (2019), GL Homes is the first company in ATHENA’s history to have a connection to all three awards.
ATHENA International was founded in 1982. Since then, over 8,000 accomplished women and men from all over the globe have been recognized and celebrated for their professional excellence, determination, risk-taking, community service, fierce advocacy, and their support and mentorship of other women.
More than 500 communities in Canada, Mexico, China, India, Europe and the United States have honored exemplary leaders who embrace the ATHENA tenets.

ATHENA International is a global movement. This influential circle continues on its quest for a just and humane society. ATHENA leaders contribute to the greater good and accept and appreciate other people for their talents and differences.